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We imagine a global community coming together to defeat childhood cancer.


We imagine a global community coming together to defeat childhood cancer.


Of the 42 kids who are diagnosed with cancer every day…

8 will die from their disease within 5 years

25 will have significant long-term toxicities

Only 9 will lead a normal life

We are committed to changing and improving these numbers.

Since 1980, only three new drugs have been approved for treating childhood cancer. During that same time, several dozen drugs for adult cancers have entered the clinical practice. Childhood cancers are currently treated with highly toxic chemotherapy and difficult radiation protocols.

…smarter research…

Cancers in adults are common and better studied than cancers in children. Many new agents for adult cancers are in the drug development pipeline. While cancers in children and adults are different, they share genetic similarities and could respond to the same therapies.



Our Team


Olena Morozova

Founder &
Scientific Lead
Treehouse Initiative

UCSC_Treehouse_TeamPics_0005_HollyHolly Beale

Senior Bioinformatician

Michelle Riddle

Marketing Manager

UCSC_Treehouse_TeamPics_0003_EllenEllen Kephart

Software Engineer

David Haussler
David Haussler

Scientific Director


Ann Durbin

Data Coordinator


Du Linh Lam

Data Analyst

Teo Fleming

Software Engineer

UCSC_Treehouse_TeamPics_0006_IsabelIsabel Bjork

Director Pediatric Cancer
Precision Medicine

Katrina Learned

Data Coordinator

Meghan Savage

Data Analyst


Yulia Newton

PhD Student

UCSC_Treehouse_TeamPics_0002_SophieSofie Salama

Research Scientist

Ted-Treehouse-Team-PhotoTed Goldstein

Medbook Director

ROB_CURRIE-Treehouse-Team-PhotoRob Currie




Thank you to:



In Memoriam of Kelvin, who we have lovingly referred to as Patient 1 for years. He is the foundation of our work, having been the first child with cancer whose tumor we analyzed using our pan-cancer approach. Kelvin’s doctor reports that the treatment he received, which followed genomic analysis, extended Kelvin’s life for two years. It was Kelvin’s dying wish to release his name to the public, as an inspiration for what can be achieved and what more will be achieved as the research continues. We are truly indebted to Kelvin, his parents, and medical team, for allowing us to be a part of their journey.


With appreciation of others who helped Treehouse come to life:

Bob Arceci, Rod Rassekh, Marco Marra, Stephen Yip, Mark Diekhans, Melissa Cline, Kelly Sauder

The Treehouse Initiative was founded by Olena Morozova, in honor of Baby Aurora, a patient who touched her heart and moved her to take action. (See “Why It Matters”).

Olena was honored to co-author her first peer-reviewed manuscript with her father and it is to him that she dedicates her contribution to the fight against cancer.

Olena’s father, Vyacheslav Morozov, was a unique man who valued adventures and lifelong learning. He never stopped exploring new career directions, trying new activities and creating works of art. Her father was the one who taught her to think outside of the box, and to push the boundaries on what is possible. Olena feels indebted to him for encouraging her to follow her passion and to trust her intuition both in science and in life.

If you would like to make a donation to the Treehouse Initiative in honor of Vyacheslav Morozov, please specify so in the “Name of the person being recognized” field of our donation page.

butterflies and health butterflies and health